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… in which I follow my curiosity about the bond between people and dogs.
Dogs are everywhere, in the press, social media, films, books, television … and in everyday life. I like to make observations, some obvious, others more subtle. At times to poke fun, sometimes in earnest.
I hope this blog will give you food for thought and a new perspective or perhaps expand your understanding of the human-canine connection.

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In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the posts!


Chihuahua Count

When out on the street, I can’t help but notice dogs. They pass by and I observe their gait. Or note their gear, whether the harness or collar is adequate to their size and walking style. I grit my teeth when I see a strong dog, collar damaging their windpipe as they pull on the …


Saying a last goodbye to an old friend is tough. Words provide an awkward riff on a wounded heart. So, I’ll just ponder the delightful times we had. Shizuka was a little white dog, a mutt both quiet and demanding, timid and bold. She and I did things together—quite the variety of adventures. Here you’ll …


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